The First Step

Considering Nutrition Interventions

Sharlene Bidini, RD, CSO

If you are contemplating changing your diet as part of your treatment plan:

Weigh yourself at baseline and continue tracking throughout treatment.
According to Nestle Nutrition "the incidence of malnutrition in cancer patients ranges from 40 to 80%, and most often presents at the time of diagnosis". 

If you lost 5% of your body weight in a month 

10% of your usual weight in six months

- without diet, exercise or lifestyle changes- 

 weight loss is significant.

If your appetite is poor and you are unable to maintain your weight, then you may want to add liquid calories from juices & smoothies or high quality protein shakes.

Here are some great recipes to get you started: 

 Ask your oncologist for a referral to a registered dietitian that specializes in cancer for an individualized nutrition plan

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